This item is out of stock  INFORMATION:  CONTAINMET CUP 

Must be used in a hydraulic press.

Step 1 ~ Cut your metal to size, I offer pancake dies in the needed sizes for your convenience. If using the 2” sleeve for the 2” silhouette dies, twist so the opening is closed so your 2” silhouette die will not slip out. You do not need the pin.

Step 2 ~ Insert the 2” or 3” silhouette die into the 2” or 3” containment cup. If using the bar silhouette, center up 1 of the 3 designs on the hole where the metal will be pressed into, then TIGHTEN THE PIN so the bar will not slide out.

 Step 3 ~ Place your piece of annealed metal (2”, 3” or what is needed for the bar) over the design hole, making sure that it is centered.

 Step 4 ~ Carefully place the urethane over the metal so that it does not move the metal. (2” urethane for the bar silhouette dies)

 Step 5 ~ Carefully place the pusher on top of the urethane and now you’re ready to put the assembly into the press.

 Step 6 ~ Put the assembly onto the lower platen, making sure to center the assembly directly over the jack below. ALWAYS CENTER YOUR WORK! Use spacers when needed for your press.

 Step 7 ~ Start pumping; continue pumping the platen upwards until you feel some pressure. Give it another pump to increase the pressure a little, (Do Not Over Pump, You Will Cut Your Metal) then lower the platen a bit, slide out the assembly.

Perfect! Now you have your perfectly smooth, embossed, pillow, formed in the metal.