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These fabulous Hoop Earrings are solid sterling, 2.92mm wide, 1.35mm thick. Your choice of  (1 3/4"dia. $42.00 ) ~ (1 1/4"dia. $35.00 ) ~ (1"dia. $30.00 ) Or (3/4"dia. $25.00 )

Because every jewelry wardrobe needs a pair! Gleaming sterling silver round hoops will polish up your look with ease.  These stylish hoops are perfect for a chic everyday look or a night out on the town. Slightly work hardened to keep their shape, there versatile and comfortable. Polished to a high shine.   A classic, they will hold their appeal for generations to come.  A great Hoop to add to your collection.

Please note this item is handmade to order. Each piece is unique so may vary slightly from the photograph.

Jewelry By Sandra Sirles